Two Decades On

The most important person at K.M.Paulson Goldsmith Ltd. goes largely unappreciated by the general public, and often, regrettably, by K.M.Paulson. Without me, the company would not exist, but without my friend and partner, Joan Ander, it would no longer function. Joan’s not my wife, as has been assumed by many people over the years, but we do spend a lot of time together. (My actual wife, the other spar in my support system, is Joanne, which sometimes adds to the confusion.)

Twenty years ago (twenty years!), Joan gained her position at KMP by the age-old method of bugging the old guy. With an educational background in art, specifically ceramics and textiles, there didn’t seem to be a lot of crossover in skills, but she did show up with the attitude that sometimes matters most in this trade; tenacity. She kept to the difficult job of perfecting the product under the watchful eye of a demanding boss and an even more demanding public. As a specialist in pavé setting, she is arguably the best in the province and, trust me, she’s the only one who will argue. It’s a demanding process, and not to be confused with its bastard child, “Micro-Pavé”, a machine-based technique that is rapidly becoming the bane of the industry.

The next time you call or visit KMPLTD, the Joan that you speak to is someone worthy of your respect and knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry. Listen, ask questions, and pay attention, she knows her stuff.

Thanks for being here for twenty years, Joan, and here’s to twenty more.