An Interesting Gem

A while back, a dealer with whom I wasn’t all that familiar showed up at the shop. As is the tradition, he showed me some of his miscellaneous diamonds to demonstrate the superiority of his grading and acquisition skills. All this is actually useless as a screening method because, of course, he will limit the demonstration to pieces that support his pitch. I’m all about real-life performance and, in subsequent contacts he proved to be somewhat unreliable, so I dumped him like a handful of warm poop.

He did, however, have a couple fancy-cut stones that caught my attention. Despite my misgivings, and contrary to my usual caution when dealing with peripatetic stone dealers, I fell in love with this .47ct. modified kite-shape stone. It is graded as VVS1-D, and I have found no reason to dispute that.

Measuring 6.75×4.25mm, it’s not a huge stone, but will show very well in a delicate ring setting or as the center pieceĀ  in a bold pendant. I love it