While we don’t carry a lot of inventory, over the years various lovely gemstones have caught our attention and we’ll be featuring them on this page, along with some design ideas. If you see something you like, or it spurs an idea within you, let us know and we’ll work together to make something uniquely yours.


Diamonds are, without a doubt, our most popular gem. They are the first choice for engagement and wedding rings. By varying the shapes and colours

1.51ct. VS1-E Asscher Cut

of diamonds (they’re not just white!) fabulous combinations can yield unique results.

Coloured Stones

Diamonds. Why’s it always gotta be diamonds?

Now, granted, a lot of coloured stones aren’t suitable for everyday wear in rings, but there are many different options to bring some colour into your life. It could be a sapphire of whatever hue you can imagine, or a special Sunday-go-to-meetin’ dinner ring featuring a spectacular opal.

Pendants are a popular way to show off the softer gems, and we have ideas. Oy, do we have ideas!