Specialty Jewellery

Specialty Jewellery

Now this is where it can get very interesting. If it doesn’t fit into the usual categories- rings, pendants, pins or brooches- then we’re getting into specialty items. From a basic hinged shank for arthritic knuckles to a belt buckle made of a ten-ounce silver bar, your imagination can run free. Give us a call to find out whether your idea is practical, or even possible. You may be surprised.


This is, arguably, the most sentimental business there is, so it’s all symbolic, I suppose. A lot of thought goes into the design of any specific piece. It is for this reason that people seldom walk into the shop and walk out with a piece of jewellery. If someone wanted, say, a fine gold rose with a red gold stem and green gold leaves as a statement of affection, well, we can do that.


Special people deserve special consideration, and a finely-crafted, unique piece of jewellery will show that appreciation.


In the great circle of life, there are occasions when jewellery has been rendered obsolete in its current configuration, whether it be age, fashion, or ummm… life-changes. We can redesign the old pieces, combine several old pieces, or purchase the old pieces for trade-in or disposal.

In Loving Memory

The passing of a loved one brings with it the need for a special item that will remind, but not sadden. A memento that reflects the personality of the departed can be simple or complex.

Just for Men

A gent’s ring (yes, we still call them gents) doesn’t have to be boring, but niether does it have to be outrageous. As much thought goes into the conception of a fine piece of masculine jewellery as anything else we do.


Pendants that are either too heavy to be worn comfortably, or so so flimsy as to be useless are not going to be seen, and our pendants are meant to be seen.


Our specialty is the hinged bangle. It is comfortable, strong, stylish, and made just for you.